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 3 self storage tricks that you have never heard about
If you have ever owned a self storage unit before then you know how quickly your possessions can be forgotten about and lost in the midst of all the boxes. Here are 3 storage tips from Empire Storage's organization experts that will keep you and your stored items in check.


One of the easiest ways to keep track of your stored items in your storage unit is to write a list of everything that you are boxing up and planning to store. Create a duplicate of your storage inventory and attach it to one of the accessible inside walls of your storage unit. Empire Storage of Spokane also recommends to go the extra mile and save a copy of your storage inventory in a safe filing cabinet in your home, and also save your list in icloud or any other online backup app. The point is to keep your storage unit inventory list easy to access and easy to read. 

storage inventory at empire storage of spokane wa


Empire Storage's next tip is actually a lot of fun and can serve three purposes. All you have to do is use your smart phone or digital camera and take a quick picture of all the items that you are preparing to store in your self serve storage unit.

First, this helps you to remember at a glance what you packed away. No need to dig through your storage unit to see if it's there or just lost at home. All you have to do is scan through your pictures.Second, this type of documentation can be proof of the condition of your storage items. This will come in handy if there ever is an incident involving your storage unit that might have damaged your items. Finally, pictures are a great way to reminisce about and enjoy the memories of your items without having to remove them from your storage unit.

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This tip by Empire Storage takes a little bit more effort then the previous two tricks but if you take the time to create a map of where your items are placed inside your storage unit you will save yourself so much time in the long run. If you know exactly where each item is in your storage unit you won't have to dig through any boxes looking for it. This method eliminates a long endeavor that always results in a BIG mess!

Number your boxes and bins and then sketch a rough map or an extremely detailed map, we'll let you determine which type, of where each numbered box has been stored. Be sure sure to leave a path way in your storage unit to better help you maneuver through your storage unit. Keeping a path will help you keep your map simple to make and quick to read. DON'T FORGET to attach your storage unit site map to your storage inventory list!

storage unit map at empire storage spokane wa

Hopefully, you think that these 3 storage unit tricks are as great as we do. Empire Storage knows that no matter how well you prepare your items for storage that it will not make any difference if you choose the wrong storage facility. 

We also know that Empire Storage is the right storage for you. 

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