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 6 tips for how to store your home furniture at empire storage spokane wa
Storing your home furniture in a storage unit at Empire Storage of Spokane Wa is a whole lot easier then you think. When you store you furniture in a storage unit the goal is to keep that furnishing in it's current conditional. To ensure that your furniture stays protected you have to first have a plan of action, and then just a little bit of elbow grease. 
Follow these 6 easy steps to learn how to store your home furniture no matter if it is a table, chairs, sofa, couches or your family heirlooms.

1.     PLAN ENOUGH ROOM IN YOUR STORAGE UNIT. You want to make sure that you have a big enough storage unit for all of your items. This takes a little bit of pre-planning on deciding what you will be storing. You want to know how much you are going to store in your storage unit so that you are able to plan an aisle to have a clear pathway to the back and front of your storage unit.

The best way to break something is to start randomly piling everything into your storage unit without a plan for space. To protect your furniture try to keep your storage unit as clean and as de-cluttered as possible. If you have too much clutter you are at risk for bending, breaking, cracking, and chipping your items.

2.     DISASSEMBLE FURNITURE IF POSSIBLE. Before you move your furniture into your storage unit be sure to disassemble any furniture that you can. This step may seem like too much extra work but this step will make it easier for you to move to the storage unit, and will make it easier to store once you get to the storage unit. Disassembling furniture also helps reduce the risk of damaging or breaking your furniture.

A storage unit best practice is to place all bolts and screws in a baggie. Be sure to label the baggie with what furniture piece it goes to and then tape the baggie to the furniture item. This step will make it quick and easy to reassemble your furniture once it is out of storage.

3.     CONTROL THE CLIMATE. When you are storing furniture you have to take steps to control it from the elements. If you know that you will be storing your furniture in a storage unit then it is best to get a climate controlled storage unit.

When you store your furniture you will want to keep it safe from changing temperatures, and free of moisture. 

4.     CLEAN YOUR FURNITURE. Do not miss completing this essential step for storing your home furniture. If you clean your furniture before placing it in the storage unit you are protecting your items from any chances of mold, extra dust, and penetrating smells. Be sure to check that all your items are 100% dry before you pack them or put them in the storage unit.

5.     COVER YOUR FURNITURE. If you are planning on storing your furniture in a storage furniture for a long amount of time you need to make sure that you have covered or wrapped them. You can use old sheets, towels, blankets, even plastic wrap to cover your furniture. However, do not use thick and heavy pieces of plastic to cover your furniture. This will cause moisture to be sealed in and create condensation that will eventually warp and swell your furniture. You want your furniture to be able to breathe.

Another great tip that most don't think about is covering the floor of the storage unit before you start bringing anything inside. If you place thick plastic coverings over the floor this will prevent moisture coming up from the floor to seep into your furniture. 

6.     STORE YOUR FURNITURE OFF THE FLOOR. Whenever you are storing your furniture in a storage unit you should think about storing it up off of the floor. You can get creative by using pallets or such to help raise the furniture off of the storage unit floor. This adds more protection against the elements of moisture and or flooding.


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