8 Tips On How To Store Your RV | Spokane WA

 9 tips on how to store your rv at empire storage of spokane wa

Here are the 8 tips on how to store your RV at your Empire Storage Unit of Spokane WA.

1. Keep Moisture Out - Moisture is a huge concern when you are storing your RV. You must keep it out! If you do not keep moisture out of your RV this can cause mold and mildew to grow. This is what causes the musty smell when you finally remove your RV from storage. The best way to prevent moisture is to leave the rooftop vents open. You might want to check into a specific vent cover before you do this. These specific vent covers are designed to keep rain from entering your RV and to allow for the proper amount of air flow needed to prevent moisture.

2. Clean & Wax Your RV - We highly recommend that you wash and wax your RV before you store it at Empire Storage of Spokane WA. Remove all dirt an build up before you wax. Don't forget to wash the roof of all the dirt grime. Waxing your RV will provide protection from sun damage and will also help in minimizing more dirt build up.

3. Check Your Seals - Take a good look at all of your RV's rubber seals, silicon seams, and caulking. Make necessary repairs to any cracked seam. Doing this step will help prevent water damage.

4. Check Your Electrical - You first want to check to see if your battery is fully charged. If your RV is stored at a storage unit with a weakly charged battery is has more of a chance for the battery to freeze and be damaged. Charge your batter and then turn off all electricity in your RV. There will be no drain to your battery if you do this step.

5. Keep The Creepy Crawlers Out - When you store your RV at a storage unit facility you will have to deal with bugs and rodents no matter what. Be sure to remove all food and nesting type materials that rats and mice would find enticing. If there isn't a good supply of food they will by pass your RV. One trick to keep the mice away is to spray foam and stuff steel wool into underbelly access points. Be sure to block off all external openings such as air intake piping, rooftop plumbing vents, exterior fridge panel and vent, and the furnace exhaust. Learn more about keeping pests out of your storage unit here.

6. Retract Your Slide Outs - Store your RV with all your slides retracted. This will prevent exposure of the elements to your mechanical parts, slide toppers, rubber seals, and roof. The rubber seals, roof and mechanical parts underneath will need to be cleaned. Don't forget to apply a rubber seal conditioner and slide rail corrosion protector.

7. Protect Your Tires - Leaving your RV parked in the same spot for longer periods of times or seasons weakens the tires and leads to catastrophic failure.

  • unload your RV so that there is minimum weight left on the tires
  • wash your tires to remove any oils that may have accumulated from your travels on the road
  • place your RV on block to remove weight from the tires
  • inflate your tires to recommended operation pressure plus 25%
  • move your RV at least every three months to stop cracking and flat spotting

8. Plumbing & Tank Maintenance - If you know that there will be below freezing temperatures while you are storing your RV at Empire Storage of Spokane WA then you will want to remove all of the water from the water heater tank and plumbing system. Follow this by adding a little antifreeze into the piping, valves, drain traps, and each waste tank. 

Read more about long term vehicle storage at Empire Storage Unit of Spokane WA here.


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