4 Tips To Declutter Your Home Now

decluttering tips by empire storage of spokane wa
Start the new year of 2021 out with a decluttered home. There are several reasons as to why you may have more clutter than you want. It's easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. These emotions make it easy to give up or to not even start in organizing your home. Don't wait for Spring to start decluttering your home. Follow these 4 tips by Empire Storage of Spokane WA to get started today
  • START SMALL. Start small to help keep yourself from getting too overwhelmed and anxious about the task ahead of you. Pick one room, complete that area before you move onto the next room or area.
  • TACKLE VISIBLE AREAS FIRST.  Declutter all the areas in your room that you can visibly see to help keep you motivated all the way to the finish line. Once you start to see a difference in your room you will start to feel much more confident about tackling the non-visible sections; like that junk drawer that you have been avoiding all year.
  • TOSS THE TRASH. This should by far be the easiest or the hardest task for anyone to complete. Some people find it extremely hard to throw out trash. If that is you please be gentle with yourself. Just know that once all the actual garbage is removed from your space you will have that much more room to organize all the things that you truly love.
  • EMPIRE STORAGE UNIT TO THE RESCUE. Sometimes you just don't have enough space inside your home. That is ok. After you have organized your belongings you will be able to determine what you use all the time and what are just seasonal items. Get those seasonal items out of the way by storing them in an Empire Storage unit. 


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