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Whether you are thinking of taking a long RV trip to celebrate retirement, leaving town temporarily for a job assignment or maybe heading off to college, you may wonder what to do with your vehicle while you are away. The best option is not going to be throw a tarp over it or leave it outside!!

You don't want to return and find your vehicle won't start or has a funky smell. Follow these easy steps to be sure your car or truck is ready to go as soon as you are.

Store It Indoors

When stored outside for extended periods, your car or truck is susceptible to rain, snow, hail, sun and other environmental factors that can erode or fade the paint and the plastics on your car. Vehicles stored in the same spot for an extended period are easy targets for thieves and vandals.

Details Matter 

Take your time and make sure that you fully clean your vehicle inside and out prior to storing. Give it a good outside wash and include and engine compartment wash as well. There are many degreasers and engine spray cleaners available at your local auto parts store. When it’s time to roll her out and go, you will have a shiny, fresh vehicle at your fingertips.

Small Maintenance

Store your vehicle with a full tank of gas and a fresh oil change. You might discuss with your mechanic what kind of additive might be suggested for long term storing to help avoid corrosion and deterioration in your fuel tank. Finally, check your battery and make sure it is good prior to storage and air up those tires since they will lose air in extended storage.

Do Not Set The Parking Brake

This idea may seem to not make sense, however, when left engaged to long, the parking brake can cause the brake pads to fuse to the rotors. We suggest using tire chalks to keep the vehicle in place.

Empire Storage of Spokane

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