Pros & Cons Of Storage Units

pros and cons of storage units at empire storage of spokane wa
If you have ever been confronted with the sheer amount of stuff that you seem to have accumulated over the years, then you have more than likely asked yourself if you should purge, throw away, donate, and adopt the minimalist lifestyle or get a storage unit. Empire Storage of Spokane Wa weights a few of the pros and cons of renting a storage unit.

There seems to be numerous reasons and examples of why people or businesses would need to rend storage units. Moving, downsizing, needing more space, collecting, and big toys are just a few of the reasons why storage units are typically rented.

PRO: Renting a storage unit will give you or your business more space immediately!

This is a great PRO, especially for those of you that are specifically needed short term storage unit solutions. Empire Storage of Spokane WA is a great facility to keep in mind for your short term storage. Learn more about their terms of use here.

CON: It can be frustrating to store some of your processions away from your home. It can become a hassle to even get to your storage unit on a regular basis.

If you struggle with finding enough time to go and find what you are looking for at your storage unit then this CON needs to be taken seriously. However, Empire Storage of Spokane WA is conveniently located in Spokane Valley making your trip to your storage unit quick and easy. Check out our map here.

PRO: Storage units give you the space and time needed to help you further organize your home or business.

If you have ever tried to organize an already cluttered home or office you know how frustrating it is to trip and climb over everything just to hopefully find a spot for it to belong. Storing your belongs and items in a storage unit will clear up the room for you to organize comfortably and at your own pace. Check out Empire Storage of Spokane storage unit sizes here to determine what size will work best for you.

CON: If you do not store your items correctly you will not be able to 100% protect them from damage.

If you haven't taken the time to properly pack and store you possessions for their stay in the storage unit some damage may occur. Mice or insects may invade, mold and moisture can be an issue, or simple items may fall and break. To learn how to properly store your items check out one of our previous blogs, " 3 Self Storage Tricks That You Have Never Heard Of "

PRO: You can eliminate personal risk at home.

Large amounts of clutter or having too many possessions in too small of a space can lead to tripping hazards. Valuable and delicate items may break but most importantly you could hurt yourself also! By storing your items in a storage unit you are reducing this type of risk.

We hope that this list of pros and cons of renting a storage unit has helped you to make the right decision for your home or business. Your items are important and we take that responsibility very seriously. 

Empire Storage of Spokane knows that no matter how well you prepare your items for storage that it will not make any difference if you choose the wrong storage facility. 

We also know that Empire Storage is the right storage for you. 

  • No Gimmicks
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Deposits
  • No Contracts

Not sure what storage unit size is best for you? Check out our available storage units.

Do you have more questions? We have answers!

If you know that Empire Storage of Spokane WA is the storage unit facility then you need to call us today to reserve your storage unit.

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