The Best Way To Store Your Skis And Snowboards At Empire Storage | Spokane WA

The Best Way To Store Your Ski And Snowboard At Empire Storage | Spokane WA
Winter is the season that all skiers, snowboarders, and snow tubers in Spokane, WA look forward to all year. Unfortunately, the Winter Season comes and goes way to fast. Before you know it the ski and snowboarding season is over and you will be trading your snow gear and snow equipment for your Spring outdoor toys.
Empire Storage of Spokane, WA knows first-hand how important it is to take the extra steps and the special care needed in preparing your ski and snowboard equipment for storage. Here are four tips to help keep your snow gear in excellent condition so that you are ready to hit the hills next Winter when the snow starts falling. 
  1. The first step in storing your ski and snowboarding gear is to clean your skis and board with water and a soft brush. Don't forget to dry them well with a towel. Try to avoid soaking the bindings of your snow gear as much as possible. DO NOT use soaps or grease removers.
  2. Once you are do done washing and drying your skis and snowboard you will want to apply a fresh coat of wax. Pay special attention to the edges. Waxing your snow gear will help reduce the chances of rust or moisture buildup during the storage period. Make sure your bindings are clean and dry before storing your snow gear. Do not adjust the bindings prior to storage.
  3. Store your skis and snowboards in a cool, dry, indoor space like a storage unit from Empire Storage of Spokane WA. Keep in mind, that snow gear should NEVER be stored in an area exposed to excessive heat. It's best to keep your gear out of direct sunlight.
  4. When you are storing your skis and snowboards you should not hang them by their tips or by the hardware. This can damage or warp the shape of the ski and snowboard during storage. The best way to store your snow gear is to place them in a neutral position. This helps to avoid pressure on the rocker, camber, and hardware. Do not store your snow gear in it's travel bag. If you do store your snow equipment in it's travel bag you are risking damage from moisture and rust. Your winter goodies need a little air circulation throughout the storing period to avoid deterioration.

Why choose to store your snow gear and equipment at Empire Storage of Spokane? 

Empire Storage of Spokane, WA gets that skiing and snowboarding is a Winter Season sport. This makes your need to store your snow gear and snow equipment a seasonal need, not an all year round need. It is for this reason that we offer month-to-month leases. You're able to reserve your unit and use if exactly when you need it.

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