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Empire Storage of Spokane WA doesn't think there is anyone who wants to visit their storage unit only to find that it has been overran by pests! Rodents can chew holes in furniture or clothing, bugs can make homes inside boxes, and bed bugs can infest our mattresses. Storage units are, quite frankly, the perfect home for rodents, insects, and all kinds of pests. This type of infestation can not only grow wildly out of control in your own unit, but it can also spread quickly from storage unit to storage unit.

Read and follow these tips to pest proof your storage unit before any pests ruin your possessions.

1.     STAY FOCUSED ON PEST CONTROL. Make sure that every time you are visiting your storage unit that you are checking for any evidence of rodent or bug infestations. As soon as you notice holes, chew marks, scratch marks, droppings, dead insects that have magically appeared it's time to contact our storage unit manager. Don't wait. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get rid of those pests!
2.     USE PEST PREVENTATIVE MEASURES. There are many ways that you can prevent pests from infesting your storage unit. You can choose to your bug sprays from the store. You can use mouse and rat traps along the interior walls and doors. Or you can choose to go the all natural route and use cotton pads or balls soaked in peppermint essential oil. Cedar blocks and sage essential oil are also natural pest deterrents.
3.     WRAP YOUR FURNITURE. Everyone knows that moths love fabric and upholstery. If you wrap your upholstery items in a thin plastic wrap moths and mice will find it more difficult to damage your items. Make sure that any fabric that doesn't fit into a bin or box is wrapped in plastic.
4.     USE PLASTIC BINS INSTEAD OF BOXES. Rodents and insects find cardboard boxes easy to tear down and infest. Plastic bins and containers not only are easier to stack and store, but they also keep your storage items protected.
5.     PLEASE! NO FOOD! Before you pack kitchen items make you have cleaned them thoroughly to remove all food residue. Never bring, or store food or perishable items into your storage unit. Any crumb left behind is sure to lead to pest and rodent problems for your storage unit.


Hopefully, you have found our Tips To Pest Proof Your Storage Unit to be helpful. Empire Storage knows that no matter how well you prepare your items for storage that it will not make any difference if you choose the wrong storage facility. 

We also know that Empire Storage is the right storage for you. 

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