When Your Business Outgrows Your Home

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Entrepreneurship is alive and well in the Spokane community, with a large majority of people starting home-based businesses. This is a very good thing for the economy, not to mention the flexibility and freedom that may come from going into business for yourself can be wonderful change of pace for those who start their own businesses.

One problem does plague home business owners. This problem can creep up on you slowly and before you know it...you're small home-based business has outgrown your home. Empire Storage of Spokane knows and understands that every business is different so we have compiled a list of some common signs that you might need to consider taking action and investing in a storage unit:

  1. The boundaries between home time and work time have disappeared. Some people who work from home end up having a hard time switching off at the end of the day. When your home is your office, it’s easy to justify doing one more thing before signing off for the day… and then another.
  2. Your house is starting to look like an office. It’s one thing to have a dedicated space to keep work files and papers, and another entirely if you and your family are tripping over boxes or having to move papers around so you can watch television or eat dinner.
  3. You need a quiet place to conduct meetings. When your business requires you to meet with clients or vendors, you need a quiet and professional place to do that. A home office isn’t always the best place for such meetings, as interruptions from pets and children may be the norm.
  4. Working from home is affecting your customers or clients. In-person meetings aren’t the only way that clients can be impacted by the fact that you work out of your house. If you can’t have a professional phone call without being interrupted by a kid asking for a treat or a dog barking, that could make you look unprofessional.
  5. Your business has grown to the point where you have to take on one or more employees. It is one thing to be doing everything yourself while working from home. However, once you hire employees the prospect of working from a home office can be an awkward one. Employees require their own workspace and may find it uncomfortable to be working hunched over your coffee table.
  6. Your business is stuck in a rut. Some business owners find that working from home keeps them in a mindset that prevents them from expanding their businesses. The convenience of working from home can sometimes act as a hindrance to progress.

If you recognize one or more of these signs in your own business, it is time for you to consider improving your work environment. The good news is that moving out of your home office doesn’t have to be the only option. 

An excellent idea to consider is renting a storage space. If your primary problem is a lack of space to hold business papers and files, a storage space could solve that problem for you, allowing you to de-clutter and continue working from home.

The key to making the right choice is to consider what your business requires, as well as what you require personally. It may be that finding dedicated office space is right for you, or it could be that renting an office a few days a week would give you what you need to keep going. Every business owner is different, so get creative and come up with a solution.

We hope that this list of ideas about what to do when your business outgrows your home has helped you to make the right decision for your home or business. Your items are important and we take that responsibility very seriously. 

Empire Storage of Spokane knows that no matter how well you prepare your items for storage that it will not make any difference if you choose the wrong storage facility. 

We also know that Empire Storage is the right storage for you. 

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