You Don't Have to Keep Your Skeletons In Your Closet!

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Do you enjoy decorating for Halloween as much as Empire Storage of Spokane Wa does?! If so, that means you have spent quite a bit of time collecting spooky and scary Halloween accessories. Let's face it, Halloween decorations are not cheap! If you don't store these items correctly they will become damaged and unusable. You'll be wasting all that time and money. Follow Empire Storage of Spokane's tips on How To Store Your Halloween Decorations to insure that your spooky decorations are kept in tip top shape for years to com

How To Store Halloween Costumes:

  • CLEAN YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. It's best to wash your Halloween costumes as soon as possible to avoid any permeant staining. You will want to mend and rips, tears, or missing items like buttons after you are done cleaning your costume. 
  • STORE YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. Plastic bins are always the best way to store items in your self storage unit. Chances are if you decorate for Halloween you are also decorating for all the other Holidays. A great way to keep all your seasonal decorations organized is to keep them in color coded storage bins. Black plastic storage bins for Halloween decorations. Red plastic storage bins for Christmas decorations. Grey plastic storage bins for Valentines day. This method will help you distinguish, at a glance, which storage bins are for which Holiday.

How To Store Halloween Decorations:

  • WRAP YOUR BREAKABLES. Protect your fragile items from any potential damage that may occur. This includes light strings and colored bulbs. Wrapping all delicate items in bubble wrap and providing layers of packing paper or packing peanuts in the storage bins is the best way to protect them. Another great tip is to place all these fragile items together in one bin. This will keep like items together. 

Empire Storage Unit of Spokane Is The Best Way To Store Your Halloween Decorations:

  • When you store your Halloween decor and accessories in a storage unit this will free up space in your home, and garage for items that you use more frequently. If you store them in a self storage facility they also will be less likely be damaged and broken.


Empire Storage of Spokane knows that no matter how well you prepare your items for storage that it will not make any difference if you choose the wrong storage facility. 

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