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  • Pros & Cons Of Storage Units

    If you have ever been confronted with the sheer amount of stuff that you seem to have accumulated over the years, then you have more than...
  • Why College Students Should Get A Storage Unit

    Every college student knows that sooner, rather than later, you are going to have an issue about what to do with all your stuff. You might encounter moving from residence to dorm life, or vice versa. You will definitely be heading back home for summer breaks or other vacations. Or perhaps you are even studying abroad for a short time. What if you just run out of room in your dorm? Or the 1 bedroom apartment that 4 friends are sharing?
  • Tips To Pest Proof Your Storage Unit | Spokane WA

    Empire Storage of Spokane WA doesn't think there is anyone who wants to visit their storage unit only to find that it has been overran b...
  • 6 Tips For How To Store Your Home Furniture | Spokane WA

    Storing your home furniture in a storage unit at Empire Storage of Spokane Wa is a whole lot easier then you think. When you store you furniture in a storage unit the goal is to keep that furnishing in it's current conditional. To ensure that your furniture stays protected you have to first have a plan of action, and then just a little bit of elbow grease. 
  • Long Term Vehicle Storage Suggestions | Spokane WA

    Whether you are thinking of taking a long RV trip to celebrate retirement, leaving town temporarily for a job assignment or maybe heading off to college, you may wonder what to do with your vehicle while you are away. The best option is not going to be throw a tarp over it or leave it outside!!
  • 3 Self Storage Tricks That You Have Never Heard About | Spokane WA

      If you have ever owned a self storage unit before then you know how quickly your possessions can be forgotten about and lost in the mid...
  • The Best Way To Store Your Skis And Snowboards At Empire Storage | Spokane WA

    Winter is the season that all skiers, snowboarders, and snow tubers in Spokane, WA look forward to all year. Unfortunately, the Winter Season ...