Take the stress out of picking the perfect storage unit size for you

There is no need to stress about the right size of storage units. We have a large variety of storage unit sizes that will meet all your storage needs. Empire Storage of Spokane WA understands how quickly your storage needs may change. We make it painless to change the size of your unit whenever

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The Best Way To Use Our Storage Unit Guide

  • To begin with you will need to determine what it is that you will be storing in your storage unit.
  • You then will want to pack all your small items into boxes or bins. You will find it helpful in picking a storage unit size by knowing how many boxes you are storing.
  • It's good to keep in mind that your storage unit needs to hold all of your packed boxes, larger items and still give you plenty of walking around room.
  • Now that you know exactly what you will be storing in your storage unit take a look at our easy to use guide to determine the size of storage unit that you will need to reserve from Empire Storage.

Empire Storage Standard Unit Sizes

5' X 10' Storage Units - $70 p/month

This storage unit size will give you 50 square feet of storage space. 50 square feet is equivalent to a small walk-in-closet and will hold the contents of a pickup truck.

Typical Uses

  • Great for business storage, office or records storage.
  • Excellent for stack-able and tall items
  • Easy storage for outdoor items like kayaks, bicycles, snowboards, golf clubs & toolboxes
  • Short term, temporary storage while moving
  • Specific size and layout can vary

Reserve Your 5' x 10' Storage Unit Today


* Please remember that our storage unit sizes are approximate. The storage unit size does not indicate clear storage-able space or net interior. 
* Please visit our storage units in person to guarantee that the space will satisfy all your storage unit needs.

Protected storage facilities & uncomplicated pricing

High -End Security

Empire Storage of Spokane has an excellent monitoring and security system and fence to keep your storage unit and possessions as safe as possible.

No Contracts

Empire Storage knows that life can change quickly. Because of that we are flexible & affordable, allowing you to upgrade, or downgrade according to your storage needs. 

Full Range of Unit Sizes

Empire Storage of Spokane WA has a full range of standard storage unit sizes that are perfect for home, business, Big Toys or student storage needs.

Are you in need of a storage unit due to a move or you simply just need some extra space, but you don't know what size of storage unit you will need? Then you have come to the right place. Empire Storage of Spokane WA can help you quickly assess information about our standard sizes of self storage units to give you a good idea of space needed.

If you have further questions about Empire Storage units or would like to reserve a unit today please contact us to speak with our on-site storage facility manager